Video: Carsten Stroud Explains the Dark Origins of the Niceville Series

Weekly Lizard

Don’t let the name fool you: Niceville is anything but. The small southern town brims with dark secrets, twisted criminals, and evil forces beyond human comprehension. In other words, it’s the perfect place to set a thriller.

In Carsten Stroud’s Niceville series—which opened with Niceville, now published in paperback, and continues with The Homecoming, available now in hardcover—bank robberies and kidnappings are as commonplace as malevolent spirits and a seemingly bottomless sinkhole that, as Cherokee legend has it, swallows up everything that enters. The books follow Detective Nick Kavanaugh—formerly Special Forces, now a cop in Niceville—as he investigates a string of macabre crimes, all the while delving deeper into Niceville’s blood-stained past and learning just how inextricable his loving wife Kate’s family history is from the town’s demons.

In a series of exclusive interviews, Stroud describes Niceville as a “gothic environment;” that might be putting it nicely. Perhaps surprisingly, the town owes its creation to a roadtrip that took Stroud and his wife through the relatively peaceful town of Marietta, Georgia:

Stroud also explains that ex-Californian Nick Kavanaugh’s status as an outsider to Niceville makes him a fascinating foil in both Niceville and The Homecoming.

To learn more about the sinister world of Niceville, watch more of Stroud’s interview—and burgeoning writers won’t want to miss the author’s unorthodox tips on writing.