Video: Jo Nesbø On His Inspiration For The Redeemer

Weekly Lizard

“The Redeemer was a story that I knew I had to write,” says Jo Nesbø—and we believe him. With its twisting narrative and white-hot pace, this gripping thriller has a life of its own.

It all begins with a shot: a Salvation Army singer is killed, mid-performance, on a crowded Oslo street. Inspector Harry Hole has little to work with. There’s no suspect, no weapon, and no motive. As the search closes in and the killer grows more desperate, Harry’s chase takes him from Oslo to the most forbidden corners of the former Yugoslavia and back home again—to face the true darkness that lives on his own doorstep.

So, where does someone get the inspiration to write a book as ruthless and suspenseful as this? In this clip from a video interview with Nesbø, he recounts a meeting he had in the Balkans that led him to write The Redeemer:

Of course, there’s more to a great thriller than the plot. The Redeemer is cinematic in its scope and structure, a quality Nesbø attributes to his love of movies. In the clip below, find out why he feels crime films are a bigger influence on his writing than crime novels.

For more about The Redeemer and on the Harry Hole series, head over to Nesbø’s official website.