A Case Only a Criminal Can Solve: An Excerpt From Parishioner by Walter Mosley

Weekly Lizard

Parishioner is a brand-new, eBook original crime novel from Walter Mosley about a hardened criminal whose search for salvation comes at a price. Xavier Rule (Ecks to his friends) didn’t come to California in search of salvation, but lately he’s been attending a unique church, one where the congregation is filled with reformed criminals just like himself.

One day, a beautiful woman arrives at the church, searching for absolution. Twenty-three years ago she participated in a scheme to kidnap three children. As penance for his own misdeeds, Ecks is assigned to find out what happened to the abducted children, all the while struggling against his old, lethal instincts—and learning when to give in to them.

Read on for an extended excerpt of this brilliantly-conceived novel.