An Unspeakable Apology: Read an Excerpt From Zoran Drvenkar’s Sorry

Weekly Lizard

Think you know what it means to say “sorry”? After reading Zoran Drvenkar’s stunningly original thriller, you may change your mind.

Winner of the 2010 Friedrich Glauser Prize for best German crime novel, Sorry is the story of four friends who start a brilliant, flawed business. For a price, they’ll apologize to anyone–the cheated-on, the jilted, and the unfairly fired. Even a killer can buy their services—and therein lies the flaw.

When two of the partners arrive at an apartment where a dead woman is nailed to a wall, their objective is clear—apologize to the victim and dispose of the body, per the contracted agreement—but everything else is not. As the plot grows ever thicker, the four friends must try to put together the pieces—before the killer strikes again.

Below, read an excerpt from this original, haunting book–we think you’ll be hooked.